August 27, 2014 Malibu coast and night sky

August 27th, 2014 by William Reid




I took more than 500 images along the coast on my Wednesday outing.  And, no, I don’t do those silly automatic “clickclickclcickclickclickclick-in-four-tenths-of-a-second” shots and count all of those.  These are normal, one-at-a-time shots.  So, instead of stuffing a zillion awesome images into one post, I am breaking the August 27 bonanza of images into two posts.  The other SB post for this day is the “surfer” edition, and this one is more of the “artsy” late-day edition — the sunset at El Matador Beach.  You might be wondering where the sun is in these sunset shots.  Well, it is behind the Santa Monica Mountains.  In summer at Malibu, the sun does not set over the Pacific Ocean.  Don’t come to Malibu in the summer to watch the sun set over the water unless you want to be bitterly disappointed.

140827_3117_Malibu_CA 140827_3118_Malibu_CA 140827_3120_Malibu_CA 140827_3134_Malibu_CA 140827_3135_Malibu_CA 140827_3173_Malibu_CA 140827_3200_Malibu_CA 140827_3203_Malibu_CA 140827_3213_Malibu_CA 140827_3242_Malibu_CA 140827_3276_Malibu_CA 140827_3365_Malibu_CA


As a bonus and at no extra expense to you, I am sharing an additional six pictures!  I stopped on a high road turnout above the coastline as darkness descended.  The Milky Way was quite nice to the south, and Point Dume and Palos Verdes were photogenic to the southeast.


140827_3377_Malibu_CA 140827_3381_Malibu_CA 140827_9638_Malibu_CA 140827_9647_Malibu_CA 140827_9653_Malibu_CA 140827_9658_Malibu_CA




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August 27, 2014 Hurricane Marie Waves at Malibu

August 27th, 2014 by William Reid



Is there a better place to live than coastal Southern California?  Awesome weather every single day, tasty waves, a cool buzz…


On Wednesday, August 27th, I set my alarm clock for 5 a.m.  I was going to get up early, head to Newport Beach, and photograph the huge waves which would impact the south-facing beaches, due to former Hurricane Marie.  Marie had reached Category 5 status off of Mexico’s west coast a few days prior.  I had the day off from work.  The problem, though —- it was 1 a.m. when I set the alarm.  I turned the alarm off at 5 a.m., slept a lot more, and headed to Malibu instead.  The waves at Malibu, though about half of the size as those as Newport’s “Wedge,” were still quite sizable, due to the massive southerly swell.  I sat on a cliff up above La Piedra Beach and shot some surfers and swells, and then headed east to Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider Beach.  Surfers were crowded out near the breakers, and plenty of sun worshipers and wave watchers were gathered on the sand.  It was a perfect day to have the camera and the long lens at the beach!


Are these images gnarly or what, dude?


140827_2848_Malibu_CA 140827_2855_Malibu_CA 140827_2888_Malibu_CA 140827_2896_Malibu_CA 140827_2902_Malibu_CA 140827_2909_Malibu_CA 140827_2922_Malibu_CA 140827_2933_Malibu_CA 140827_2936_Malibu_CA 140827_2965_Malibu_CA 140827_2975_Malibu_CA 140827_2977_Malibu_CA 140827_2979_Malibu_CA 140827_2990_Malibu_CA 140827_2997_Malibu_CA 140827_3003_Malibu_CA 140827_3004_Malibu_CA 140827_3006_Malibu_CA 140827_3009_Malibu_CA 140827_3010_Malibu_CA 140827_3029_Malibu_CA 140827_3038_Malibu_CA 140827_3057_Malibu_CA 140827_3082_Malibu_CA 140827_3083_Malibu_CA 140827_3087_Malibu_CA 140827_3095_Malibu_CA 140827_3096_Malibu_CA

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July 15, 2014 Stanton/Pilger account is up — with pictures!

July 15th, 2014 by William Reid

Happy update time —- click on the link below for the chase account for June 16, 2014.



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