July 15, 2014 Stanton/Pilger account is up — with pictures!

July 15th, 2014 by William Reid

Happy update time —- click on the link below for the chase account for June 16, 2014.





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July 14, 2014 Web Site Update

July 14th, 2014 by William Reid

Howdy — I am back home from my two months of storm chasing with Tempest Tours!  It is time to get back into the routine of working on my chase accounts and images for you, the Stormbruiser web site viewer.  So, please check back here from time to time, and I’ll let you know if there are any new posts.

I am providing here a very quick summary of my whereabouts and storm chase intercepts while out on the road from April 30 to June 28.  In some instances, you might even get to find out where our group had lunch!

By the way, did you know that June 13th was one of the most awesome days ever —– when the Kings won their second Stanley Cup in the past three season?!!


Quick 2014 Chase Summary
Tour 2 with Jim Reed out of OKC

April 30/OKC/no weather/end DDC

May 1/DDC/no weather, sight-seeing from Monument Rocks to abandoned house near KS/NE border/end OGA

May 2/OGA/high-based t-storm/hail storm/virga bomb Broadwater to Dalton, NE/end Sidney, NE

May 3/SNY/high-based virga junkola Harrisburg, NE to La Grange, WY/end Bridgeport, NE

May 4/Bridgeport, NE/lunch Gramma’s Alliance NE/only high clouds and virga/chased trains at Ardmore, SD/end Hot Springs, SD

May 5/Hot Springs, SD/lunch Rapid City Fuddruckers/mushy storms near Upton, WY (30 miles south of supercell NW of Sundance/end RAP

May 6/RAP/supercell Pine Bluffs WY to Bushnell NE/evening lightning show with follow cell W of SNY/end SNY

May 7/SNY/lunch Sidney Della’s/tornadic supercell near Akron, CO/end Cozad NE

May 8/Cozad/long drive via OMA to extreme sw MN/undercut supercell near Laverne, MN, junky “storms” later along MN/IA border/end Worthington MN

May 9/Worthington MN/reposition/down day/south along I-29/w IA to Topeka/lunch Sloan’s Cafe in Sloan IA/end TOP

May 10/TOP/lunch Emporia Bobby D’s BBQ/supercells Howard, Atlanta and Latham, KS/end Haysville KS

May 11/Haysville to OKC/end Tour 2/total miles 3940
Tour 3 with Bob Smith and Rook/out of OKC

May 12/linear, early-day junk t-storms Joplin to Springfield MO/end Springfield MO

May 13/Springfield MO/down day/reposition to central KS/lunch Joplin Sawmill BBQ/end Hoisington KS

May 14/Hoisington KS/virga bombs nw KS/Monument Rocks/weak cel near Saint Francis/abandoned house/end IML

May 15/IML/lunch Holyoke CO/down day, cold/Keota CO ghost town/end CYS

May 16/CYS/cold down day/Ames Monument with snowcover/lunch Laramie WY Lovejoy Restaurant/dinner at Walden CO/end Walden CO

May 17/Walden CO/pretty drive east through Cache la Poudre Canyon/weak-ish supercells Briggsdale CO and Cheyenne WY/strong and cold inflow into CYS cell/end CYS

May 18/CYS/supercells west of Edgewater SD and near Alliance NE —- killed both upon arrival/end Bridgeport NE

May 19/Bridgeport NE/lunch Bridgeport Burger Worx/early junk near Bridgeport and later to Sutherland dying cu, back west to nice Sunol NE supercell/end OGA

May 20/OGA/lunch Sidney NE Gramma Jo’s/supercell Last Chance to Arriba to Stratton CO/end GLD

May 21/GLD/lunch in Limon CO/supercell Aurora/DIA/Byers/end Stratton CO

May 22/Stratton CO/lunch in Lamar CO/mostly junky and messy convection nw TX PH, brief meso w/funnel Etter TX/end Shamrock TX

May 23/Shamrock TX to OKC/end of Tour 3/total miles 4062


Tour 4 with Steve Pekich and Chris Gullikson out of OKC

May 24/OKC/long drive (635 miles total) OKC to se NM via Anson TX and Hobbs NM/supercell near sunset NW to N of Carlsbad NM/end Hobbs NM

May 25/Hobbs NM/south to Monahans and Pecos — no storms/strong cap — north to supercell northeast of Carlsbad NM to Hobbs/end Hobbs NM

May 26/Hobbs NM/lunch Seminole TX La Sierra Pizza/early strong convection Andrews TX, long day with supercells Andrews to Big Spring, Stamford to Sterling City TX/end SJT

May 27/SJT/lunch San Angelo Bodacious BBQ/supercells San Saba City and southeastward to Burnet and Marble Falls, TX/dinner River City Marble Falls TX

May 28/Marble Falls/reposition/down day to LBB/end LBB

May 29/LBB/lunch AMA Big Texan/junky no-shear convection Des Moines/Capulin NM area/sunset lightning south of Gladstone, NM/end Clayton NM

May 30/Clayton NM/lunch Clayton Rabbit Ears Cafe/poor shear cells Campo to Springfield to Boise City/brief gustnado north of Boise City/end AMA

May 31/AMA to OKC/end of Tour 4/total miles 3065
Tour 5 with Chuck Doswell, Justin and Woody out of OKC

June 1/OKC/tail-end supercells Sublette KS to Meade and Clark counties KS/end DDC

June 2/DDC/lunch Garden City Wards/reposition north to western NE with junky stuff Yuma County/end OGA

June 3/OGA/lunch North Platte/Stapleton to Oconto NE undercut supercells then killed Ogallala storm/end Lexington NE

June 4/Lexington NE/lunch Valentinos Ogallala/outflow fest Crawford to Chadron to Rushville to Alliance/end Alliance NE

June 5/Alliance NE/lunch Sterling CO J & L Cafe/supercell Limon to Haswell to Wiley CO/end Lamar

June 6/Lamar CO/lunch Lamar Mexican Restaurant/killed Trinidad and Lamar storms/junky thereafter/end GUY

June 7/Guymon OK/lunch Dalhart Hodies BBQ/Plainview to Matador supercell/end Clarendon TX

June 8/Clarendon TX to OKC/end of Tour 5/total miles 3250/begin drive to DEN, shelf cloud storm NM/TX border west of Adrian/end Vega TX
June 9/Vega TX to DEN
Tour 6 with Rob and minitour 6A with Chris G. and minitour 6B with Bob C.

June 10/DEN/lunch CYS/junky stuff ne WY to Belle Fourche SD/end Kadoka SD

June 11/Kadoka/lunch Mitchell SD Culvers/dive south from there to big splitting supercell near Hastings, NE/lightning and structure west of Belleville KS/end Belleville KS

June 12/Belleville KS/lunch Hastings/reposition/down day/end OGA

June 13/OGA/lunch Alliance Subway/supercell Chadron NE/end Thedford NE

June 14/Thedford/lunch Cozad Green Apple Cafe/supercell with landspout tornado Athol to Smith Center, KS/night time severe storm Norton KS/end Wakeeney KS

June 15/Wakeeney/reposition/down day/lunch Philipsburg KS cafe/end Loup City NE

June 16/Loup City NE/lunch Ord Calamity Janes/prolific tornadic supercell Stanton/Pilger/Wakefield NE/ end Vermillion SD

June 17/Vermillion SD/lunch Chamberlain McDonalds/stationary supercell northwest of Belle Fourche SD/end Lemmon SD

June 18/Lemmon SD/lunch Gettysburg SD BBQ/prolific tornadic supercell Gann Valley to Woonsocket SD/end Plankington SD

June 19/Plankington SD/south to Grand Island, west to OGA/no storms/end OGA

June 20/OGA to DEN/end of Tour 6/total miles 4769
Tour 7 with Kelly Delay out of DEN

June 21/DEN/lunch Taco Johns Sterling CO/storms Peetz CO to OGA, big lightning display at sunset N and W of Lake McCaunaghy/dinner Chinese OGA/end OGA

June 22/OGA/lunch J & L Cafe Sterling CO/splitting cell west of Bird City KS/other cells south of GLD and south of Yuma CO at sunset/end Yuma CO

June 23/Yuma CO/lunch Fort Morgan Home Plate/left-mover supercell Last Chance-Anton-Akron/end Brush CO

June 24/Brush CO/left-mover supercells Falcon to Simla and Prospect Valley to Byers, several severe storms around sunset north of Strasburg CO/end Strasburg

June 25/Strasburg CO/brunch Strasburg Rookies Cafe/left-mover west of Hawk Springs WY, Torrington to Crawford; small hail Ardmore SD/end Hot Springs SD

June 26/Hot Springs SD/lunch Hot Springs Taco Johns/weak cell Torrington/outflowy severe cell Sioux County NE/lightning near Chimney Rock/mega-lightning display at dark west of OGA/end OGA

June 27/OGA/lunch McCook Runza/brief supercell McDonald KS/outflow shelf cloud Atwood KS/dinner Idalia Grainery Restaurant/end Stratton CO

June 28/Stratton to DEN/end of Tour 7/total miles 2840


My total miles from April 30 to June 28, about 22,000, or about 375 miles per day.

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June 22, 2014 Goodland area storms

June 22nd, 2014 by William Reid




This chase day was a little bit of a letdown as a nice and big updraft near Bird City split and both right and left splits sputtered after looking good for ten minutes.  Later, we observed a ho-hum linear/shelfy thing just south of Goodland, and even later (near sunset) another outflowy cell with a photogenic look, south of Yuma, CO.




140622_9030_Bird-City_KS 140622_9034_Bird-City_KS 140622_9041_Bird-City_KS 140622_9050_Bird-City_KS 140622_9054_Bird-City_KS 140622_9057_Bird-City_KS 140622_9064_Goodland_KS 140622_9070_Goodland_KS 140622_9075_Goodland_KS 140622_9080_Goodland_KS 140622_9082_Yuma_CO 140622_9094_Yuma_CO 140622_9098_Yuma_CO 140622_9102_Yuma_CO

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