August 10, 2013 VLA and AZ sunset

August 10th, 2013 by William Reid



Today was the final chase day for the monsoon tour.  We began in Moriarty, NM, and needed to be closer to Phoenix, AZ.  I targeted the NM/AZ border in the high terrain west of Socorro.  We spent an hour or so at the VLA (Very Large Array of Radio Telescopes) near Datil, NM, and near sunset watched some weak thunderstorms near Springerville, AZ.  The lightning was infrequent, unfortunately, and I was unable to photograph a bolt to compliment the impressive, colorful sunset.

13Aug10_7734_VLA_NM 13Aug10_7815_Springer_AZ13Aug10_7770_VLA_NM13Aug10_7768_VLA_NM13Aug10_7766_VLA_NM13Aug10_7763_VLA_NM13Aug10_7751_VLA_NM13Aug10_7736_VLA_NM13Aug10_7734_VLA_NM13Aug10_7863_Springer_AZ

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